A Midsummer Wedding's Dream

Almost one year on, I thought it was about time I showed a few pics of my own summer wedding. Disclaimer before we start; I did not do all the flower arrangement for this wedding, only the glass vases on the tables. I rather preferred being able to get some sleep the night before rather than worrying about buttonholes...

The majority of photos are of my own work, though I will add in a few of the larger pieces create by the wonderful Flower Appreciation Society, for those of you who are curious to see what else we had!

All photos taken by Katie from Emily Tyler Photography

Florists will always say they can never choose a favourite flower, as there are just too many beauties to pick from. I definitely came up against this problem while choosing my wedding flowers; I couldn't even decide on a colour scheme! In the end, I just decided to go with a little bit of everything and anything that was bright, summery and seasonal.

I kept it pretty simple, (no need to be more stressed than necessary the week leading up to your wedding) and armed with a stash of Ikea vases and a few buckets of blooms from a local flower farm, managed to churn out about 100 of these little mismatched posies, ready for the big day. Displayed en masse along the banquet tables, they added a lovely splash of colour to the marquee, keeping the whole vibe relaxed and cheerful.

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Wedding flowers kent, country rustic wedding, wedding jars


Under this divide, I've added a few more pics for the nosey among us to have a peek at what else we had flower-wise. All the remaining photographs feature the work of The Flower Appreciation Scoiety.


And last but not least, the beautiful cake made and decorated by my mum, with edible,organic flowers from Maddocks Farm Organics.


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