Flora 101: The Mighty Narcissi

This month, our floral focus is on one of the most loved and well recognised flowers you might find in your garden, spring bouquets, and even adorning the roadside; Daffodils.

Locally grown cut wedding flowers from Kent, Narcissi
Narcissi 'Ice Follies' cut from the allotment earlier last week.

A huge genus of flowers, the name Daffodil only really covers a small selection of the entire group of Narcissi, which contains 11 different species, containing what's estimated to be over 13,000 different varieties and cultivars. I'm only growing four varieties this year, though I have to confess, I don't even know what one of them is! I was donated a huge net of around 200 from someone who just didn't have the space to plant anymore. They'd lost the original label, so these Narcissi remain a bright and cheerful mystery! The first variety I was able to harvest was 'Ice Follies', pictured above, which are a beautiful and subtle creamy yellow, with a gorgeous ruffled trumpet centre. I'm very partial to a pastel tone, and eagerly await the flowering of my 'Delnashaugh', with their soft peachy-pink centres surrounded by almost white petals. Last but not least is 'Sweet Pomponette', a beautiful rosette style number with two-tone yellow petals.

As a wedding florist in Kent, I can't say I've used many Narcissi in my own arrangements, mainly because yellow doesn't seem to be a particularly popular wedding colour! However, stepping away from what you might conjure up in your mind's-eye when you hear the word daffodil, and taking a look at all these more unusual varieties, I think it is the perfect flower for any spring bride, whether you are looking for brights, pastels or all whites for your special day. Add in the fact that it is so easy to grow and you're on to a winner if you want to keep things locally grown.


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