Flora 101: The Rose

A true sign of the British high Summer, and a favourite the world over, this month on Flora 101 we're celebrating the almighty rose.

Roses galore

From small tight spray rose buds, to big blooming garden roses, this is such a versatile and beautiful flower to use for wedding work. It's as much at home in a neat pure rose bouquet for elegant and classic weddings, as is it mixed with cottage garden flowers for wild countryside style arrangements. Again, keeping to all one colour scheme creates a really chic, minimal, but luxury look to you wedding. Imagine banquets tables lined with cut glass vases full to the brim of white roses. So simple, yet so stylish.

Simple and classic rose bouquet with a bit of foliage and wax flower

These ruffled roses look fab in a more relaxed arrangement

And of course they work perfectly for small details like flower crowns and button holes.

In the allotment, my roses are looking much better than I'd ever hoped! After a few aphid issues (I just blasted them off with high pressure water) they've bounced back and are now absolutely laden with blooms. Can't wait to get cutting and use them for weddings!

'My Girl' looking radiant!

'Enchantress' also beginning to unfurl

Floppy flowers! Defo need to get some support hoops in there!

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