Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Planting perennial plug plants for next wedding season. Just managed to get these in before it got too frosty!

After last years disappointments with seed sowing, we decided to try out some perennial plug plants instead. More pricey, but hopefully less hours spent pricking out and planting up, plus an increased yield should offset the cost.

Not much in the way of nice pictures to show you, but these foxgloves were our greatest success in the midst of last years failures, here's to more successes like these!

What we planted;

25 x Echinacea Primadonna White 25 x Echinacea purpurea 25 x Achillea Mixed 25 x Delphinium Blue Jay 25 x Delphinium Galahad                                25 x Delphinium Summer Skies                          25 x Alchemilla Mollis